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Receiving a gift has always been a pleasant feeling, hasn’t it?

But that joy lasts only for a while. Imagine getting something that lasts longer and also benefits your business immensely. Something that can increase your earnings and improve your brand recognition and that too is absolutely FREE!

Hey, that’s a serious matter indeed. No kidding.

Your website is your brand ambassador. If your site is new, then the traffic would practically be zero or negligible. Or if it is an old site, then bringing traffic from across the world requires huge and consistent efforts.

Be it optimizing the site content, posting regularly on various social media, running effective email campaigns, and what not. You might have tried it all and continue to do it, but with little success.

That’s the story everywhere. So, why do all these powerful marketing efforts always fall short to bring your site to the top listings of SERP? What more do Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines want?

The one-word answer is TRAFFIC. Search engines love to crawl, index, and rank sites on their top pages that have a lot of visitors coming from all corners.

Well, that is what popularity is all about, isn’t it?

As you are not the only brand that is training the guns with all these promotional activities, it overwhelms your audience which website to visit. Unfortunately, this narrows the traffic to your site and gets scattered to your competitors.

So then what? Is there something more to do? Phew, anything more to drive traffic would surely be back-breaking and frustrating. Your hands are already full, right?

Here is an amazing free website traffic exchanger from www.getthit.com that automatically brings tonnes of visitors to your site, even when you are sleeping! Just sign up and download the exchanger software, and you are good to go.

So, what magic does this traffic exchange software do? Let’s explore the benefits.

1. Instant Traffic

As soon as you add your site to the exchanger, you will start getting traffic instantly. The best thing is, these are high-quality organic traffic, which otherwise would unlikely be your visitor.

2. Bounce Rate Reduction

Getting traffic is one thing, but if the bounce rate is high, then such traffic would be counter-productive. Getthit Traffic Exchanger does a wonderful job of reducing the bounce rate.

You can set the minimum time limit for your visitors to stay on your site. This highly improves your SEO quality and helps in better ranking on organic search positions.

3. Social Network Traffic

Even after consistent posting on social media networks, you can barely get the desired crowd. But with this autosurf platform, it can draw a genuine crowd from all popular social networks to your site, including your YouTube videos.

What more can you ask for?

4. Comprehensive Dashboard

Our dashboard provides real-time analytics of the total hits your sites receive.

It displays an exhaustive graphical representation of the hits coming from various sources, vis-à-vis, organic, referral, or direct. It also displays the type of device the hits coming to your site. So you are always well-informed about the traffic at all times.

5. All Device Traffic

Search engines checks if your site is getting visitors from desktop only or also from mobile devices too. Getthit traffic exchanger meticulously drives visitors from all types of devices and not just desktops.

So when you cross-check with your Google Analytics account, you can clearly view visitors using mobile phones and tablets with different operating systems accessing your site.

6. AdSafe Technology

If you are worried about whether this will affect your Google Ads on your site, then be assured, this traffic exchanger program does not conflict with Google Ads policy. To preserve your consumers' trust and device security, Our traffic exchange platform automatically filters adware, malware, and pornographic links.

All it does is bring in genuine and organic traffic to your pages. You can check the real-time visitors from your Google Analytics account. You can continue to monetize your site with Google Ads without the fear of getting penalized.

Be guilt-free.

7. Proactive Support 24/7

Even the best software would be of no use if there is no support. Our support team is always available whenever you face any difficulty or have a query to be clarified.

And it doesn’t end there.

The development team consistently updates the quality of the software with more features using advanced technology

8. Traffic Boost as a Service

If you are a site owner, then you are already benefiting from the high volume of traffic. And if you are a digital marketer, then you may easily charge a whopping fee from your clients for bringing traffic to their site.

It’s a win-win deal for you and your customers.

9. Affiliate Program

Earn hits for free.

Getthit offers a referral system wherein you can earn more traffic by referring to your friends and associates who need a traffic boost to their sites.

10. FREE FREE FREE Giveaway

You are not just getting free traffic to your site, but also the traffic booster software is completely free for you.

Yes, you read it right.

For webmasters and digital marketers, this automation of increasing traffic to your site is a piece of cake. While they continue to use their traditional marketing techniques, the traffic exchange program provides them with the opportunity to boost their SEO productivity.

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