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Getthit.com is an auto-website traffic system that has been designed for affiliates, online marketers, and website owners that have websites to promote.

How to create getthit.com account

1. Create your account

To create an account, enter your name, email address, and a strong password.

We will send you a verification email, and you will need to confirm yourself from your mailbox.

2. Add your website

Login with your registered email address and password.

Enter all the traffic properties you require to increase your page views.

Your website is instantly added to the system and available for traffic.

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how do my website receive views

3. Receive traffic

Well done!

Your website is receiving traffic in the manner you specified. You may increase your traffic by adding new websites in various slots.

We guarantee that all the traffic you see on your Google Analytics is genuine.

4. Earn credits

Run our auto-surfing exchange software, which automatically visits the websites of other users.

Each visit earns them hits, which used to increase the number of visitors to your websites.

Earn hits

Our traffic booster system offers members the ability to auto-surf and earn hits effortlessly. These credits are turned into valuable hits to your sites. Start experiencing the benefits that automated advertising provides!

Our traffic exchange system enables members to generate valuable hits to their sites by simply auto-surfing and earning credits which can be exchanged for targeted visitors.

Users add their website with all the relevant traffic properties required to increase page views before it is added to the system and ready for traffic.

Once this is done, users start receiving genuine traffic as specified in Google Analytics and can further increase their web presence by adding more websites.

With our automated advertising technology, you can start experiencing the benefits of increased site visits from real visitors right away!

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