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Best Free Website Traffic Generator

Get thousands of visitors with Getthit’s powerful targeted traffic. Customize your campaigns to your boost website traffic with your needs with just a few steps.

Real Free Traffic For Your Website

We help you in increasing website visitors and helps in your website promotion. Getthit is genuine and fast way to increase blog traffic with lots of unique tools and boost your exposure.

Its 100% Free

We don't ask any money to generate website traffic, and it is completely free.

Earn and receive traffic

2000 Hits Every Day

Every individual visitor generates up to 3 to 8 page views every session, with 1 hit equaling 1—page view.

performance driven

Performance Analyze

Utilize our fully integrated real-time dashboard to monitor the free website traffic to your site.

Generate leads and conversions through getthit free traffic generator

Social Conversions

Track views on your website that originated from social in your Google Analytics, you will view social traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more sources.

Power Of Web Traffic

The Power Of Traffic at your fingertips through our targeted traffic. Getthit Traffic is the simplest way to get automated increase blog traffic at no cost.

Always In Sync

Always In Sync

No matter where you are, you can track your Google Website Traffic source in sync across all of your devices with our innovative cloud platform.

Lightning Fast Results

Fast & Reliable

Once activated, getthit.com's free traffic generator begin to deliver right away and continue to do so for as long as you need them to.

Self-Learning AI to increase website traffic for free

Fully Automatic

Your website will be promoted to thousands of people quickly our unique website traffic generator technology, which will push it to new heights of your promotions.

Get Started In 30 Seconds

No need for a credit card or any payments, and the traffic will start to increase in less than 20 minutes after it appears in your Google Analytics.


1. Create An Account

Click the SignUp button to become a member

Fill in the member profile information form and click Submit

Activate your Membership verify your email address from mailbox

2. Set Up Your Website

SignIn to our website with your credentials

Enter all the traffic-related information you need to boost your website visits

Your website gets integrated to the system and made viewable straight away


3. Start Earning Credits

Click on the "Download & Earn Hits" Tab

Install our traffic exchange software to earn hits/points/page views

You earn hits for each site you visit, which are then added to your credits for others to view your pages in exchange 

4. Start Receiving Visitors

Earned credits from every site that you visit

That's it. We start delivering your traffic immediately and no need to buy website traffic

Watch as visitors to your website come from all around the world or the region of your choosing while you sit back and enjoy


Free ways to drive traffic to your website

Unlimited Traffic From Anywhere At Anytime

The most effective method of increasing website visitors. Leverage the world's most reliable auto-surf traffic exchange platform to raise your rankings.

Referral, organic or social traffic

Instant website validation

Control visit duration

Auto click through links

earn free website traffic effortlessly
Google Lighthouse Results

Get your SEO scan report

Measure Your Page Speed With Google Lighthouse

We perform SEO analyzes on the web pages that you submitted, by collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices. The metrics we used correspond to those of Google PageSpeed Insights or the Lighthouse Performance-Tool.

Page Performance Score

Total Page Size And Requests

Time To First Byte (TTFB)

First Contentful Paint (FCP)

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Total Blocking Time (TBT) / First Input Delay

Free online in-browser web tools

Complete Set Of Web Tools At Your Fingertips

A collection of free in-browser online tools including text and SEO, networking, data generation, encoders and decoders, converters, date/time, images, and many more.

Text Unique Value Checker

Free Online Word Counter

All Hash Generator Online

Bulk GUID or UUID Generator Online

Free Disposable Gmail Address Finder

Getthit browser tools
24/7 Experts Support

24/7 Experts Support

Our support Team Available Around The Clock

If you have any queries or concerns, our support staff is accessible, around-the-clock and willing to assist you. Send us a message, and we'll get back to you pretty quickly.

High-quality and reliable customer support

We always exceed customer expectations

Multiple channels to support you

Best knowledge base and tutorials

How Does Getthit Traffic Work?

Getthit Traffic Exchange makes it very simple to achieve free traffic to your website online. In just minutes, SEO experts, marketers and business owners use our powerful web traffic generator to get google website traffic.

Our traffic exchange network was created by experts to save time, and all operations are fully automated with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use and gives you the best experience.

Join your account

Set up your account

Create an account to drive traffic to your website.

Add your website

Create a campaign

Customize your traffic's on-side behaviors down to the last click and session duration.

instant traffic delivery

Get instant delivery

That's it. We immediately begin delivering your free website traffic. Now, you can check all the website visits in your web analytics.

More traffic could be beneficial for your website!

You get a fully managed and self-serve website traffic experience to your needs with 100% Google Analytics detection, 100% Real and Unique visitors.

Acquisition traffic only from carefully vetted, hand-picked advertising agencies and traffic sources of the highest magnitude.

We have assisted thousands of clients over the past year, so we probably know how to help our clients to increase blog traffic.

We are available to you whenever you need us because we are obsessed with website traffic. Why are we the only web traffic provider you will ever need? Give us a try and find out.

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