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Is the traffic real?

It is automated traffic. We use auto-surf software with automation on our users' machines to create it. It implies that the traffic seems to be actual human traffic, but it doesn't make purchases.

Will the traffic help me with Ranking, SEO, etc.?

Having more traffic in Google Analytics truly helps with your position because Google usually ranks higher websites with more traffic. However, because no one can truly understand the ranking algorithms, no certain ranking results can be guaranteed.

What is the purpose of your services?

The majority of our clients use our services to increase the traffic numbers on their websites. We can enhance your traffic volume, add additional organic or social traffic, and work with almost every aspect of your traffic.

We are completely free. Furthermore, we kindly request that you try our service for a couple of days by following the given guidelines, and we are 100% sure that you will definitely like it.

Is Google AdSense (or any other PPC program) safe here?

Yes, PPC advertising is completely safe; we don't click on ads, therefore you won't be breaking any of these program's restrictions.

Google AdSense does not explicitly prohibit buying traffic; however, software that manipulates clicks on their ads is prohibited. We don't even load the advertisements from AdSense or other popular PPCs by default, so you won't see any impressions.

Do you accept adult, shortener, redirect, and illegal links?

No. We don't accept those sites because our exchange software is run on genuine user's computers. It will create bad impression on us.

Do you work with YouTube?

We regret that we do not work with any videos, including YouTube views and subscribers. We are completely liberated and endless. You may still utilize it anyway, if you see it as appropriate for you. Because YouTube's algorithms are always evolving, we cannot promise certain outcomes.

Several users said that using us significantly increased their YouTube views and viewing hours, when compared to other paid services. Moreover, YouTube comes under social media platform, click here for more information.

Is it possible for you to provide traffic to a specific country?

On a regular basis, we deliver traffic to the majority of the world's countries. However, country targeted traffic is currently in development and will be accessible shortly.

Is it possible for you to provide keywords specific search traffic?

Yes, we offer organic keyword search traffic, and specific instructions were provided when submitting the link.

What is Website Bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that only glanced at one page before closing the browser. Keep in mind that a greater bounce rate reduces the amount of traffic you receive because we have to close the browser quickly to avoid adding more page views to the visit.

What Bounce rate your traffic has?

You can instruct us to choose any bounce rate by enabling or disabling it. This option can be adjusted in the settings page of your website.

What is my website's best bounce rate?

There is no definitive answer to this topic; however, the average bounce rate is between 30% and 70%. We recommend conducting a competitive research of your competitors' websites to see what is typical in your industry.

Will your traffic help me get a higher Alexa ranking?

No. We don't support Alexa ranking boosting. Since it has been retired.

Which operating systems does Getthit support?

Getthit is currently being developed to operate in a Windows environment. Starting with Windows 10 up to Windows 11. If your system is Linux or Mac, our free traffic bot can be installed on a virtual Windows PC.

Is it possible to install GettHit Exchanger Desktop Client on many computers?

Yes, you have the choice to use Getthit on multiple computers. We are aware that users might need to set up Getthit on multiple machines.

If you can't find a solution in frequently asked questions here, our support staff are accessible 24/7 to resolve issues and queries you might have.  Please message us on telegram or email to support@getthit.com or fill in the form here.

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