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Getthit.com’s Smart Google AdSense Language Support Checker

However, getting approved for Google AdSense monetization can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to language compliance. That's where Getthit.com's Sharp Google AdSense Language Checker comes in. We'll look at the significance of language adherence and why it's essential for AdSense approval.

Overview Of Brilliant Google AdSense Language Auditor

Is your website's HTML language supported by AdSense?

This online tool allows website owners to quickly and easily check which HTML webpage languages are supported by their Google AdSense.

Simply enter your website URL, and our Accurate Language verification process will analyze your site and display a comprehensive list of supported languages.

Use our AdSense Language Checker to validate compliance with Google policies. Supports English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, and various other languages.

Discover the power of AdSense language options and approved languages.

AdSense Language Checker
AdSense Approval Simplified

Explanation Of AdSense Approval Process

Getting approved as publishers for Google AdSense can sometimes be daunting and confusing.

At Getthit.com, our Perfect Google AdSense Language Checker Online makes it easy for you to determine if your website meets the requirements for AdSense approval.

This tool checks your website's HTML language and provides helpful tips on how you can improve your content to meet Google's standards.

Once your site is deemed eligible, you can submit an application to advertising platform and they will review it within a few days.

If everything looks good, you'll receive an email notifying you that your account has been approved. It's that simple!

So why wait? Use our Genius Google AdSense HTML page Language examiner Online today and get one step closer to earning revenue from your website.

Importance Of Language Compliance For Approval

Language Compliance: Key to Successful AdSense monetize your sites

Language compliance is crucial for AdSense approval as it ensures that advertisements on your website are displayed in a way that meets the language requirements set by Google.

If you plan on monetizing your website through AdSense, it is important to have content that is written in the approved languages.

Not only does this ensure a better user experience for your readers, but it also increases the chances of getting approved by AdSense.

With Getthit.com's AdSense Language Compatibility inspector, you can easily check if your website's language is supported by AdSense before applying.

This tool saves you time and effort by providing accurate information on which HTML form languages are accepted by AdSense and ensuring that your website complies with their guidelines.

Remember, having language compliance not only helps with approval but also maintains a good relationship with Google and prevents any potential violations or issues down the line.

The Language Compliance is the Vital Role in your Google AdSense Approval.

Language Compliance
HTML Language for AdSense

How Getthit.com verify your website's HTML language compatibility

Getthit.com is a valuable resource for verifying your website's HTML language compatibility with Google AdSense policy.

It uses a simple yet effective method to check the language attribute of your website.

The code snippet provided extracts the 'lang' attribute from the HTML tag of your webpage, which typically indicates the primary language of your webs The calculator provides daily, monthly, and yearly earnings estimates to give you a comprehensive view of your potential income.

By comparing this language value with the list of languages supported by Google AdSense, Getthit.com can help you ensure that your website is in compliance with Google AdSense's language policies.

This can be particularly useful in avoiding potential issues with ad serving and monetization. Remember, maintaining adherence to AdSense policies is crucial for the sustainability of your ad revenue.

Discover how Getthit.com ensures your website's HTML doc language aligns with Google AdSense policy.

Benefit of Using A Professional Tool Like Getthit.com

Using a professional tool like Getthit.com has numerous benefit.

1. Accuracy of results

2. Time-saving feature

3. Reliable and trusted tool

4. Save your website language results

Getthit.com uses an effective method to verify the HTML language attribute of your website, ensuring that it aligns with Google AdSense's approved languages.

This can be particularly beneficial for websites that cater to diverse audiences and use multiple languages.

By verifying your website's HTML document language compatibility, Getthit.com helps you avoid potential issues with AdSense approval due to unsupported languages.

So, whether you're a seasoned webmaster or just starting out, Getthit.com is a valuable resource that can help you navigate the complexities of Google AdSense's language policy.

AdSense Approval Made Easy
Explore Getthit's Free Traffic Bot Software – an efficient tool to boost your website's organic traffic and visibility. Generate traffic effortlessly!

Check the compatibility of your website's language with AdSense. Ensure compliance with Google AdSense language policy for supported languages like Arabic, Hindi, and more. Get started now!

Is It Possible To Change The Html Language After Adding Ads?


It is indeed possible to change the language in your Google AdSense account even after you’ve added ads.

It’s important to note that changing your account language does not affect the language of the ads displayed on your site.

The ads are automatically targeted to the language of your site’s content and the geographical location of your users.

Is it possible to get AdSense approval for a website that is not in an available language?

Unfortunately, language can be a major roadblock when it comes to getting AdSense approval for your website.

As Google AdSense only supports certain languages, having a website in an unsupported language can limit your chances of being approved.

Which languages get high revenue from Google AdSense, English or Hindi?


The revenue generated from AdSense can vary depending on several factors, including the language of the content.

While both English and Hindi are supported languages for ad targeting in Google AdSense, the revenue generated can depend on various factors such as the geographical location of the traffic, the niche of the website, and the advertisers' campaign settings.

For instance, if a website's traffic is mostly from countries with higher Cost Per Click (CPC) rates like America or Canada, it can potentially generate more revenue compared to a similar amount of traffic from India.

However, it's important to note that these are general trends and actual revenue can vary. Publishers are encouraged to focus on creating high-quality content in the language that best serves their audience.

Does Google AdSense support a multilingual website like 5 languages in 1 website?


Google AdSense, a popular ad serving platform, is indeed capable of supporting multilingual websites.

This means that if your website caters to audiences in multiple languages, Google AdSense can serve relevant ads in the appropriate language to your users.

During the sign-up process, you'll be asked to select your site's primary language.

Furthermore, as of September 15, 2020, Google has stated that they will not monetize new sites, pages, or apps in unsupported languages.

Therefore, if you're planning to use Google AdSense on a multilingual website, ensure all languages used are supported by Google AdSense.

Will Google AdSense Program ban me, if I use unsupported language in the picture?


Google AdSense has specific policies regarding the use of compliance languages.

According to these policies, content that is not primarily in one of the supported languages is not allowed.

In August 2020, Google announced that from September 15, 2020, they would not allow new sites, pages, or apps in unsupported languages to be monetized using AdSense.

This includes content in images as well. If your site contains images with text in an unsupported language, it could potentially be a violation of these policies

It's always best to ensure that all content on your site, including text within images, is in a language supported by Google AdSense to avoid any potential issue

List Of Supported Languages on Google AdSense

One of the key features of AdSense is its language support. Google AdSense supports a variety of languages for ad targeting, including:

Impact Of Incorrect Language Usage On AdSense Approval

Incorrect language usage can have a significant impact on the approval process for Google AdSense.

Many website owners are not aware of how crucial it is to use proper grammar, spelling, and syntax in their content.

The algorithm used by Google to review websites takes into account the overall quality of the site and its ability to provide valuable content to readers.

Using incorrect language can convey a lack of professionalism and credibility, thus diminishing the chances of getting approved for AdSense.

List of Languages Provided


Languages Code

Arabic ar
Arabic (Algeria) ar-dz
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-bh
Arabic (Chad) ar-td
Arabic (Comoros) ar-km
Arabic (Djibouti) ar-dj
Arabic (Egypt) ar-eg
Arabic (Eritrea) ar-er
Arabic (Iraq) ar-iq
Arabic (Israel) ar-il
Arabic (Jordan) ar-jo
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-kw
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-lb
Arabic (Libya) ar-ly
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-mr
Arabic (Morocco) ar-ma
Arabic (Oman) ar-om
Arabic (Palestinian Authority) ar-ps
Arabic (Qatar) ar-qa
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-sa
Arabic (Somalia) ar-so
Arabic (South Sudan) ar-ss
Arabic (Sudan) ar-sd
Arabic (Syria) ar-sy
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-tn
Arabic (U.A.E.) ar-ae
Arabic (World) ar-001
Arabic (Yemen) ar-ye
Bangla bn
Bangla (Bangladesh) bn-bd
Bangla (India) bn-in
Bulgarian bg
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-bg
Catalan ca
Catalan (Andorra) ca-ad
Catalan (Catalan) ca-es
Catalan (France) ca-fr
Catalan (Italy) ca-it
Chinese zh
Chinese (Simplified Han, Hong Kong SAR) zh-hans-hk
Chinese (Simplified Han, Macao SAR) zh-hans-mo
Chinese (Simplified) zh-hans
Chinese (Simplified, PRC) zh-cn
Chinese (Simplified, Singapore) zh-sg
Chinese (Traditional) zh-hant
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) zh-hk
Chinese (Traditional, Macao S.A.R.) zh-mo
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-tw
Croatian hr
Croatian (Croatia) hr-hr
Croatian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) hr-ba
Czech cs
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-cz
Danish da
Danish (Denmark) da-dk
Danish (Greenland) da-gl
Dutch nl
Dutch (Aruba) nl-aw
Dutch (Belgium) nl-be
Dutch (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) nl-bq
Dutch (Curaçao) nl-cw
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-nl
Dutch (Sint Maarten) nl-sx
Dutch (Suriname) nl-sr
English en
English eng
English (American Samoa) en-as
English (Anguilla) en-ai
English (Antigua and Barbuda) en-ag
English (Australia) en-au
English (Austria) en-at
English (Bahamas) en-bs
English (Barbados) en-bb
English (Belgium) en-be
English (Belize) en-bz
English (Bermuda) en-bm
English (Botswana) en-bw
English (British Indian Ocean Territory) en-io
English (British Virgin Islands) en-vg
English (Burundi) en-bi
English (Cameroon) en-cm
English (Canada) en-ca
English (Caribbean) en-029
English (Cayman Islands) en-ky
English (Christmas Island) en-cx
English (Cocos [Keeling] Islands) en-cc
English (Cook Islands) en-ck
English (Cyprus) en-cy
English (Denmark) en-dk
English (Dominica) en-dm
English (Eritrea) en-er
English (Europe) en-150
English (Falkland Islands) en-fk
English (Fiji) en-fj
English (Finland) en-fi
English (Gambia) en-gm
English (Germany) en-de
English (Ghana) en-gh
English (Gibraltar) en-gi
English (Grenada) en-gd
English (Guam) en-gu
English (Guernsey) en-gg
English (Guyana) en-gy
English (Hong Kong SAR) en-hk
English (India) en-in
English (Indonesia) en-id
English (Ireland) en-ie
English (Isle of Man) en-im
English (Israel) en-il
English (Jamaica) en-jm
English (Jersey) en-je
English (Kenya) en-ke
English (Kiribati) en-ki
English (Lesotho) en-ls
English (Liberia) en-lr
English (Macao SAR) en-mo
English (Madagascar) en-mg
English (Malawi) en-mw
English (Malaysia) en-my
English (Malta) en-mt
English (Marshall Islands) en-mh
English (Mauritius) en-mu
English (Micronesia) en-fm
English (Montserrat) en-ms
English (Namibia) en-na
English (Nauru) en-nr
English (Netherlands) en-nl
English (New Zealand) en-nz
English (Nigeria) en-ng
English (Niue) en-nu
English (Norfolk Island) en-nf
English (Northern Mariana Islands) en-mp
English (Pakistan) en-pk
English (Palau) en-pw
English (Papua New Guinea) en-pg
English (Pitcairn Islands) en-pn
English (Puerto Rico) en-pr
English (Republic of the Philippines) en-ph
English (Rwanda) en-rw
English (Saint Kitts and Nevis) en-kn
English (Saint Lucia) en-lc
English (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) en-vc
English (Samoa) en-ws
English (Seychelles) en-sc
English (Sierra Leone) en-sl
English (Singapore) en-sg
English (Sint Maarten) en-sx
English (Slovenia) en-si
English (Solomon Islands) en-sb
English (South Africa) en-za
English (South Sudan) en-ss
English (St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha) en-sh
English (Sudan) en-sd
English (Swaziland) en-sz
English (Sweden) en-se
English (Switzerland) en-ch
English (Tanzania) en-tz
English (Tokelau) en-tk
English (Tonga) en-to
English (Trinidad and Tobago) en-tt
English (Turks and Caicos Islands) en-tc
English (Tuvalu) en-tv
English (Uganda) en-ug
English (United Kingdom) en-gb
English (United States) en-us
English (US Minor Outlying Islands) en-um
English (US Virgin Islands) en-vi
English (Vanuatu) en-vu
English (World) en-001
English (Zambia) en-zm
English (Zimbabwe) en-zw
Estonian et
Estonian (Estonia) et-ee
Filipino fil
Filipino (Philippines) fil-ph
Finnish fi
Finnish (Finland) fi-fi
French fr
French (Algeria) fr-dz
French (Belgium) fr-be
French (Benin) fr-bj
French (Burkina Faso) fr-bf
French (Burundi) fr-bi
French (Cameroon) fr-cm
French (Canada) fr-ca
French (Caribbean) fr-029
French (Central African Republic) fr-cf
French (Chad) fr-td
French (Comoros) fr-km
French (Congo DRC) fr-cd
French (Congo) fr-cg
French (Côte d’Ivoire) fr-ci
French (Djibouti) fr-dj
French (Equatorial Guinea) fr-gq
French (France) fr-fr
French (French Guiana) fr-gf
French (French Polynesia) fr-pf
French (Gabon) fr-ga
French (Guadeloupe) fr-gp
French (Guinea) fr-gn
French (Haiti) fr-ht
French (Luxembourg) fr-lu
French (Madagascar) fr-mg
French (Mali) fr-ml
French (Martinique) fr-mq
French (Mauritania) fr-mr
French (Mauritius) fr-mu
French (Mayotte) fr-yt
French (Monaco) fr-mc
French (Morocco) fr-ma
French (New Caledonia) fr-nc
French (Niger) fr-ne
French (Reunion) fr-re
French (Rwanda) fr-rw
French (Saint Barthélemy) fr-bl
French (Saint Martin) fr-mf
French (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) fr-pm
French (Senegal) fr-sn
French (Seychelles) fr-sc
French (Switzerland) fr-ch
French (Syria) fr-sy
French (Togo) fr-tg
French (Tunisia) fr-tn
French (Vanuatu) fr-vu
French (Wallis and Futuna) fr-wf
German de
German (Austria) de-at
German (Belgium) de-be
German (Germany) de-de
German (Italy) de-it
German (Liechtenstein) de-li
German (Luxembourg) de-lu
German (Switzerland) de-ch
Greek el
Greek (Cyprus) el-cy
Greek (Greece) el-gr
Gujarati gu
Gujarati (India) gu-in
Hebrew he
Hebrew (Israel) he-il
Hindi hi
Hindi (India) hi-in
Hungarian hu
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-hu
Indonesian id
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-id
Italian it
Italian (Italy) it-it
Italian (San Marino) it-sm
Italian (Switzerland) it-ch
Italian (Vatican City) it-va
Japanese ja
Japanese (Japan) ja-jp
Kannada kn
Kannada (India) kn-in
Korean ko
Korean (Korea) ko-kr
Korean (North Korea) ko-kp
Latvian lv
Latvian (Latvia) lv-lv
Lithuanian lt
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-lt
Malay ms
Malay (Brunei Darussalam) ms-bn
Malay (Latin, Singapore) ms-sg
Malay (Malaysia) ms-my
Malayalam ml
Malayalam (India) ml-in
Marathi mr
Marathi (India) mr-in
Norwegian no
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb
Norwegian (Nynorsk) nn
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway) nb-no
Norwegian, Bokmål (Svalbard and Jan Mayen) nb-sj
Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway) nn-no
Polish pl
Polish (Poland) pl-pl
Portuguese pt
Portuguese (Angola) pt-ao
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Portuguese (Cabo Verde) pt-cv
Portuguese (Equatorial Guinea) pt-gq
Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau) pt-gw
Portuguese (Luxembourg) pt-lu
Portuguese (Macao SAR) pt-mo
Portuguese (Mozambique) pt-mz
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-pt
Portuguese (São Tomé and Príncipe) pt-st
Portuguese (Switzerland) pt-ch
Portuguese (Timor-Leste) pt-tl
Punjabi pa
Punjabi (Arabic) pa-arab
Punjabi (India) pa-in
Punjabi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) pa-arab-pk
Romanian ro
Romanian (Moldova) ro-md
Romanian (Romania) ro-ro
Russian ru
Russian (Belarus) ru-by
Russian (Kazakhstan) ru-kz
Russian (Kyrgyzstan) ru-kg
Russian (Moldova) ru-md
Russian (Russia) ru-ru
Russian (Ukraine) ru-ua
Serbian sr
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-cyrl
Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-cyrl-ba
Serbian (Cyrillic, Kosovo) sr-cyrl-xk
Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro) sr-cyrl-me
Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia) sr-cyrl-rs
Serbian (Latin) sr-latn
Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-latn-ba
Serbian (Latin, Kosovo) sr-latn-xk
Serbian (Latin, Montenegro) sr-latn-me
Serbian (Latin, Serbia) sr-latn-rs
Slovak sk
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-sk
Slovenian sl
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-si
Spanish es
Spanish (Argentina) es-ar
Spanish (Belize) es-bz
Spanish (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) es-ve
Spanish (Bolivia) es-bo
Spanish (Brazil) es-br
Spanish (Chile) es-cl
Spanish (Colombia) es-co
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-cr
Spanish (Cuba) es-cu
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-do
Spanish (Ecuador) es-ec
Spanish (El Salvador) es-sv
Spanish (Equatorial Guinea) es-gq
Spanish (Guatemala) es-gt
Spanish (Honduras) es-hn
Spanish (Latin America) es-419
Spanish (Mexico) es-mx
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-ni
Spanish (Panama) es-pa
Spanish (Paraguay) es-py
Spanish (Peru) es-pe
Spanish (Philippines) es-ph
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-pr
Spanish (Spain) es-es
Spanish (United States) es-us
Spanish (Uruguay) es-uy
Swedish sv
Swedish (Åland Islands) sv-ax
Swedish (Finland) sv-fi
Swedish (Sweden) sv-se
Tamil ta
Tamil (India) ta-in
Tamil (Malaysia) ta-my
Tamil (Singapore) ta-sg
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-lk
Telugu te
Telugu (India) te-in
Thai th
Thai (Thailand) th-th
Turkish tr
Turkish (Cyprus) tr-cy
Turkish (Turkey) tr-tr
Ukrainian uk
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-ua
Urdu ur
Urdu (India) ur-in
Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) ur-pk
Vietnamese vi
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-vn

List of Un-Supported Languages


Languages Code

Afar (Djibouti) aa-dj
Afar (Eritrea) aa-er
Afar (Ethiopia) aa-et
Afrikaans af
Afrikaans (Namibia) af-na
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-za
Aghem (Cameroon) agq-cm
Akan (Ghana) ak-gh
Albanian sq
Albanian (Albania) sq-al
Albanian (Kosovo) sq-xk
Albanian (Macedonia, FYRO) sq-mk
Alsatian gsw
Alsatian (France) gsw-fr
Alsatian (Liechtenstein) gsw-li
Alsatian (Switzerland) gsw-ch
Amharic am
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-et
Armenian hy
Armenian (Armenia) hy-am
Assamese as
Assamese (India) as-in
Asturian (Spain) ast-es
Asu (Tanzania) asa-tz
Azerbaijani az
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) az-cyrl
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan) az-cyrl-az
Azerbaijani (Latin) az-latn
Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan) az-latn-az
Bafia (Cameroon) ksf-cm
Bambara (Latin, Mali) bm-latn-ml
Basaa (Cameroon) bas-cm
Bashkir ba
Bashkir (Russia) ba-ru
Basque eu
Basque (Basque) eu-es
Belarusian be
Belarusian (Belarus) be-by
Bemba (Zambia) bem-zm
Bena (Tanzania) bez-tz
Blin (Eritrea) byn-er
Bodo (India) brx-in
Bosnian bs
Bosnian (Cyrillic) bs-cyrl
Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-cyrl-ba
Bosnian (Latin) bs-latn
Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-latn-ba
Breton br
Breton (France) br-fr
Burmese my
Burmese (Myanmar) my-mm
Central Atlas Tamazight (Arabic, Morocco) tzm-arab-ma
Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin, Morocco) tzm-latn-ma
Central Atlas Tamazight (Tifinagh, Morocco) tzm-tfng-ma
Central Kurdish ku
Central Kurdish (Arabic) ku-arab
Central Kurdish (Iraq) ku-arab-iq
Chechen (Russia) ce-ru
Cherokee chr
Cherokee (Cherokee) chr-cher
Cherokee (Cherokee) chr-cher-us
Chiga (Uganda) cgg-ug
Church Slavic (Russia) cu-ru
Cornish (United Kingdom) kw-gb
Corsican co
Corsican (France) co-fr
Dari prs
Dari (Afghanistan) prs-af
Divehi dv
Divehi (Maldives) dv-mv
Duala (Cameroon) dua-cm
Dzongkha (Bhutan) dz-bt
Edo bin
Edo (Nigeria) bin-ng
Embu (Kenya) ebu-ke
Esperanto (World) eo-001
Ewe (Ghana) ee-gh
Ewe (Togo) ee-tg
Ewondo (Cameroon) ewo-cm
Faroese fo
Faroese (Denmark) fo-dk
Faroese (Faroe Islands) fo-fo
Frisian fy
Frisian (Netherlands) fy-nl
Friulian (Italy) fur-it
Fulah ff
Fulah (Cameroon) ff-cm
Fulah (Guinea) ff-gn
Fulah (Latin) ff-latn
Fulah (Latin, Senegal) ff-latn-sn
Fulah (Mauritania) ff-mr
Fulah (Nigeria) ff-ng
Galician gl
Galician (Galician) gl-es
Ganda (Uganda) lg-ug
Georgian ka
Georgian (Georgia) ka-ge
Greenlandic kl
Greenlandic (Greenland) kl-gl
Guarani gn
Guarani (Paraguay) gn-py
Gusii (Kenya) guz-ke
Hausa ha
Hausa (Latin) ha-latn
Hausa (Latin, Ghana) ha-latn-gh
Hausa (Latin, Niger) ha-latn-ne
Hausa (Latin, Nigeria) ha-latn-ng
Hawaiian haw
Hawaiian (United States) haw-us
Ibibio ibb
Ibibio (Nigeria) ibb-ng
Icelandic is
Icelandic (Iceland) is-is
Igbo ig
Igbo (Nigeria) ig-ng
Interlingua (France) ia-fr
Interlingua (World) ia-001
Inuktitut iu
Inuktitut (Latin) iu-latn
Inuktitut (Latin, Canada) iu-latn-ca
Inuktitut (Syllabics) iu-cans
Inuktitut (Syllabics, Canada) iu-cans-ca
Invariant Language (Invariant Country)
Irish ga
Irish (Ireland) ga-ie
isiXhosa xh
isiXhosa (South Africa) xh-za
isiZulu zu
isiZulu (South Africa) zu-za
Javanese (Indonesia) jv-latn-id
Javanese (Javanese, Indonesia) jv-java-id
Jola-Fonyi (Senegal) dyo-sn
Kabuverdianu (Cabo Verde) kea-cv
Kabyle (Algeria) kab-dz
Kako (Cameroon) kkj-cm
Kalenjin (Kenya) kln-ke
Kamba (Kenya) kam-ke
Kanuri kr
Kanuri (Nigeria) kr-ng
Kashmiri ks
Kashmiri (Devanagari, India) ks-deva-in
Kashmiri (Perso-Arabic) ks-arab
Kashmiri (Perso-Arabic) ks-arab-in
Kazakh kk
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-kz
Khmer km
Khmer (Cambodia) km-kh
K'iche' quc
K'iche' quc-latn
K'iche' (Guatemala) quc-latn-gt
Kikuyu (Kenya) ki-ke
Kinyarwanda rw
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-rw
Kiswahili sw
Kiswahili (Congo DRC) sw-cd
Kiswahili (Kenya) sw-ke
Kiswahili (Tanzania) sw-tz
Kiswahili (Uganda) sw-ug
Konkani kok
Konkani (India) kok-in
Koyra Chiini (Mali) khq-ml
Koyraboro Senni (Mali) ses-ml
Kurdish (Perso-Arabic, Iran) ku-arab-ir
Kwasio (Cameroon) nmg-cm
Kyrgyz ky
Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) ky-kg
Lakota (United States) lkt-us
Langi (Tanzania) lag-tz
Lao lo
Lao (Lao P.D.R.) lo-la
Latin la
Latin (World) la-001
Lingala (Angola) ln-ao
Lingala (Central African Republic) ln-cf
Lingala (Congo DRC) ln-cd
Lingala (Congo) ln-cg
Low German (Germany) nds-de
Low German (Netherlands) nds-nl
Lower Sorbian dsb
Lower Sorbian (Germany) dsb-de
Luba-Katanga (Congo DRC) lu-cd
Luo (Kenya) luo-ke
Luxembourgish lb
Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) lb-lu
Luyia (Kenya) luy-ke
Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) mk-mk
Macedonian (FYROM) mk
Machame (Tanzania) jmc-tz
Makhuwa-Meetto (Mozambique) mgh-mz
Makonde (Tanzania) kde-tz
Malagasy (Madagascar) mg-mg
Maltese mt
Maltese (Malta) mt-mt
Manipuri mni
Manipuri (India) mni-in
Manx (Isle of Man) gv-im
Maori mi
Maori (New Zealand) mi-nz
Mapudungun arn
Mapudungun (Chile) arn-cl
Masai (Kenya) mas-ke
Masai (Tanzania) mas-tz
Mazanderani (Iran) mzn-ir
Meru (Kenya) mer-ke
Meta' (Cameroon) mgo-cm
Mohawk moh
Mohawk (Mohawk) moh-ca
Mongolian mn
Mongolian (Cyrillic) mn-cyrl
Mongolian (Cyrillic, Mongolia) mn-mn
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian) mn-mong
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, Mongolia) mn-mong-mn
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, PRC) mn-mong-cn
Morisyen (Mauritius) mfe-mu
Mundang (Cameroon) mua-cm
Nama (Namibia) naq-na
Nepali ne
Nepali (India) ne-in
Nepali (Nepal) ne-np
Ngiemboon (Cameroon) nnh-cm
Ngomba (Cameroon) jgo-cm
N'ko (Guinea) nqo-gn
North Ndebele (Zimbabwe) nd-zw
Northern Luri (Iran) lrc-ir
Northern Luri (Iraq) lrc-iq
Nuer (South Sudan) nus-ss
Nyankole (Uganda) nyn-ug
Occitan oc
Occitan (France) oc-fr
Odia or
Odia (India) or-in
Oromo om
Oromo (Ethiopia) om-et
Oromo (Kenya) om-ke
Ossetian (Cyrillic, Georgia) os-ge
Ossetian (Cyrillic, Russia) os-ru
Papiamento pap
Papiamento (Caribbean) pap-029
Pashto ps
Pashto (Afghanistan) ps-af
Persian fa
Persian (Iran) fa-ir
Prussian (World) prg-001
Quechua quz
Quechua (Bolivia) quz-bo
Quechua (Ecuador) quz-ec
Quechua (Peru) quz-pe
Ripuarian (Germany) ksh-de
Romansh rm
Romansh (Switzerland) rm-ch
Rombo (Tanzania) rof-tz
Rundi (Burundi) rn-bi
Rwa (Tanzania) rwk-tz
Saho (Eritrea) ssy-er
Sakha sah
Sakha (Russia) sah-ru
Samburu (Kenya) saq-ke
Sami (Inari) smn
Sami (Lule) smj
Sami (Northern) se
Sami (Skolt) sms
Sami (Southern) sma
Sami, Inari (Finland) smn-fi
Sami, Lule (Norway) smj-no
Sami, Lule (Sweden) smj-se
Sami, Northern (Finland) se-fi
Sami, Northern (Norway) se-no
Sami, Northern (Sweden) se-se
Sami, Skolt (Finland) sms-fi
Sami, Southern (Norway) sma-no
Sami, Southern (Sweden) sma-se
Sango (Central African Republic) sg-cf
Sangu (Tanzania) sbp-tz
Sanskrit sa
Sanskrit (India) sa-in
Scottish Gaelic gd
Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) gd-gb
Sena (Mozambique) seh-mz
Sesotho (Lesotho) st-ls
Sesotho sa Leboa nso
Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa) nso-za
Setswana tn
Setswana (Botswana) tn-bw
Setswana (South Africa) tn-za
Shambala (Tanzania) ksb-tz
Shona (Latin, Zimbabwe) sn-latn-zw
Sindhi sd
Sindhi (Arabic) sd-arab
Sindhi (Devanagari, India) sd-deva-in
Sindhi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) sd-arab-pk
Sinhala si
Sinhala (Sri Lanka) si-lk
Soga (Uganda) xog-ug
Somali so
Somali (Djibouti) so-dj
Somali (Ethiopia) so-et
Somali (Kenya) so-ke
Somali (Somalia) so-so
South Ndebele (South Africa) nr-za
Southern Sotho st
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-za
Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Tifinagh, Morocco) zgh-tfng-ma
Swati (South Africa) ss-za
Swati (Swaziland) ss-sz
Syriac syr
Syriac (Syria) syr-sy
Tachelhit (Latin, Morocco) shi-latn-ma
Tachelhit (Tifinagh, Morocco) shi-tfng-ma
Taita (Kenya) dav-ke
Tajik tg
Tajik (Cyrillic) tg-cyrl
Tajik (Cyrillic, Tajikistan) tg-cyrl-tj
Tamazight tzm
Tamazight (Latin) tzm-latn
Tamazight (Latin, Algeria) tzm-latn-dz
Tamazight (Tifinagh) tzm-tfng
Tasawaq (Niger) twq-ne
Tatar tt
Tatar (Russia) tt-ru
Teso (Kenya) teo-ke
Teso (Uganda) teo-ug
Tibetan bo
Tibetan (India) bo-in
Tibetan (PRC) bo-cn
Tigre (Eritrea) tig-er
Tigrinya ti
Tigrinya (Eritrea) ti-er
Tigrinya (Ethiopia) ti-et
Tongan (Tonga) to-to
Tsonga ts
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-za
Turkmen tk
Turkmen (Turkmenistan) tk-tm
Upper Sorbian hsb
Upper Sorbian (Germany) hsb-de
Uyghur ug
Uyghur (PRC) ug-cn
Uzbek uz
Uzbek (Cyrillic) uz-cyrl
Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan) uz-cyrl-uz
Uzbek (Latin) uz-latn
Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan) uz-latn-uz
Uzbek (Perso-Arabic, Afghanistan) uz-arab-af
Vai (Latin, Liberia) vai-latn-lr
Vai (Vai, Liberia) vai-vaii-lr
Valencian (Spain) ca-es-valencia
Venda ve
Venda (South Africa) ve-za
Volapük (World) vo-001
Vunjo (Tanzania) vun-tz
Walser (Switzerland) wae-ch
Welsh cy
Welsh (United Kingdom) cy-gb
Wolaytta (Ethiopia) wal-et
Wolof wo
Wolof (Senegal) wo-sn
Yangben (Cameroon) yav-cm
Yi ii
Yi (PRC) ii-cn
Yiddish yi
Yiddish (World) yi-001
Yoruba yo
Yoruba (Benin) yo-bj
Yoruba (Nigeria) yo-ng
Zarma (Niger) dje-ne

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