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URL and Domain Blocked in Getthit.com Traffic Exchange

We block adware, malware and adult links in our traffic exchange software to ensure your device's security. If you want to add or remove any links, contact our support.

The most recent update was on August 27, 2023

If your site has been blocked, examine your URL or domain using the steps outlined in the video below.

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Here, we will discuss the purpose of Domain and URL Blocker List, an overview of the Blocked URLs in Traffic Exchange, an explanation of the reasons behind site blocking by Getthit Software Service, how to get rid of your website or domain if it's mentioned here, how to contact GetHIT Support Team for Assistance and how long it will take to have your website removed from the blacklist.

If your site is blocked, scan your URL or domain in www.virustotal.com

Scanning your URL or domain on VirusTotal.com can help you determine if your website is blocked and what is causing the issue.

This online malware scanner checks your website for malicious content, viruses, and threats that could be blocking it from loading properly for visitors.

Its detailed search results provide insight into which of the various antivirus engines have detected issues with your site, helping you to identify and resolve any potential problems quickly.

Purpose Of Domain And URL Blocker List

The purpose of domain and URL blocker lists in GettHIT.com Traffic Exchange Service is to ensure a better user experience for our customers.

By filtering out malicious sites, phishing attempts, and other potentially dangerous domains, we can protect users from potential harm while ensuring that they only receive the highest quality traffic possible.

These blocking lists are continually updated to keep our users safe and provide them with an enjoyable experience at all times.

Overview Of Blocked URLs In Traffic Exchange

GettHIT's Traffic Exchange service provides users with comprehensive tools to identify and block unwanted URLs from their campaigns.

The service allows to apply filters, such as a URL or URI blacklist, a domain blacklist, or an IP address blacklist, in order to remove URLs that contain offensive or malicious content.

By screening out certain domains and URLs, GettHIT's service helps protect the integrity of traffic exchange campaigns while also preventing links from appearing on partner sites which could lead to harm for users.

Additionally, GettHIT enables customers to view a real-time overview of blocked URLs in order to gain insights on their blocking efforts and make adjustments where necessary.

Explanation Of Reasons Behind Site Blocking By Getthit Software Service

What kind of sites are blocked here:

  • Malware website links or pages
  • Prohibited Adware Links
  • Adult, Erotic, Pornographic Content
  • URL shorteners, redirects and objectionable content
  • Abuse or Spam
  • A variety of other quality issues
  • Consumption of high CPU, RAM, Network bandwidth or other resources.
  • Downloads/Fraudulent or Dangerous downloads
  • Links that have policies against our terms of service
  • Browser mining scripts and connections to illegal activities
  • Sites Hacked or infiltrated by Hackers or Engaging in Malicious Activities
  • Unlawful, Illegal, Terrorist Activities
  • Activities that are potentially harmful to users

Online security is an important concern for all online service providers and users. To ensure the safety of its customers, GettHIT.com has implemented a comprehensive blocking system to protect against malicious websites and domains.

This system helps GettHIT proactively block malicious domains before they can infect end user systems or networks. It also prevents users from visiting websites with inappropriate content, virus-ridden downloads, or other types of malware that could cause harm to their computers.

Additionally, GettHIT’s blocking technology works to prevent unwanted advertisements from reaching its customers’ web browsers. All in all, GettHIT's site blocking policy ensures the security of its users by defending against potentially dangerous sites and content.

Note: It must be noticed that the terms "blocklist" and "blacklist" are often used similarly, but the tech sector is moving away from the use of "blacklist."

How Do I Get Rid Of My Website Or Domain If It's Mentioned Here?

If you have a website or domain that has been blocked in GettHIT's traffic exchange service, unfortunately there is no way of unblocking it.

The best course of action is to remove the site or domain from the traffic exchange service entirely. You can do this by disabling it in your account settings and any other services associated with GettHIT where the site or domain may be referenced.

This should ensure that the site or domain will be removed from all their systems and databases thus eliminating any chance of being blocked again in the future.

Contact Gethit Support Team For Assistance

If you have any questions or require additional assistance with blocked domains or URLs in GettHIT.com Traffic Exchange Service, the GettHIT Support Team is here to help.

Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff will be able to address any issues you may have and guide you through the process of resolving them.

If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. We look forward to helping you make the most out of your GettHIT experience!

How Long Will It Take To Have My Website Removed From The Blacklist?

If you find that your website has been blocked in the GettHIT.com traffic exchange service, the process of removing it from the blacklist can take some time.

Our support team will respond within at least 1 to 3 days. We will examine and run different security and malware checks on your website or URL before removing it from our blocker list.

Depending on the severity of the issue, it may take up to 48 hours for the website to be removed completely from the blacklist.

Please be prepared to wait until it is removed from the list before using GettHIT again. Then you will be able to submit your link for traffic exchange on the "websites" page.

Additionally, if your website is found guilty of any malicious activity related to our service, it will remain permanently disabled and not be eligible for removal.

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