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URL Blocked in Traffic Exchange

We block adware, malware and adult links in our traffic exchange software to ensure your device's security. If you want to add or remove any links, contact our support.

The most recent update was on May 14, 2022

Questions and Answers

We've collated the cases below, and you'll discover your answer immediately.

  • i. We prohibit adware links, engage in dangerous or fraudulent downloads, or engage in practices that can be harmful to our users.
  • ii. Websites hacked by experts who engage in illicit operations for money or other malicious goals, or it could have been marked for distributing malware.
  • iii. Websites that include adult, erotic, pornographic, browser mining, hacking scripts, and connections to unlawful, illegal, terrorist, URL shorteners, redirects and objectionable content are also prohibited.
  • iv. Or links or pages submitted that have policy breaches, content violations, and a variety of other quality issues, serious concerns, and legal implications that can harm our users.
Note: It must be noticed that the terms "blocklist" and "blacklist" are often used similarly, but the tech sector is moving away from the use of "blacklist."

  • i. We have established a support staff that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with fixing this issue.
  • ii. Get assistance from our support staff here to delete your link or to address any queries or concerns with the block list.

  • i. Our support team will respond within at least 1 to 3 days. We will examine and run different security and malware checks on your website or URL before removing it from our blocker list.
  • ii. Then you will be able to submit your link for traffic exchange on the "websites" page.
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