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GettHIT, premium web traffic exchange that is completely free!!

Promote your site to millions of users through our traffic exchange service.

Free Bounce rate reduction, Social and Search engine traffic source, high quality Mobile traffic with Ad safe.

Get 1000 free hits by signing up for GettHIT now.

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Automated tool that provides increase website traffic with real visitors
Reduced bounce rates

Bounce rate reduction

GettHIT.com provides you with a reduction in your bounce rate for absolutely free!

Search engine source traffic Image

Search engine traffic

Our platform will be free of charge to navigate your website from popular search engines!

Icon for social networking traffic

Social network traffic

Our autowebsurf platform will click through your website on famous social media for free!

Increase visitation via mobile and tablet devices

Mobile user's traffic

We drive traffic by navigate your websites from portable devices such as mobile and tablet traffic, absolutely free!

Why do I need a web traffic booster?

An increase in traffic affects your website's reach, raises your ranking, and improves SEO through search results and earnings.

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Your website will not have traffic when you are creating and launching it. You need to try hard to get users to your website with a few tricks, such as sharing on social media networks and traffic exchanges.

If you want a consistent number of visitors to your site, this is an important step in using our Traffic Booster, which is free of charge.

It's easy to increase your revenue and the number of online users with high quality organic traffic to keep your site competitive through our services.

GettHIT.com boost internet traffic to your website, blogs, and videos, allowing you to have complete control of your web traffic experience at no cost.

Our free website traffic exchange

Simplified user interface

GettHIT.com is a user-friendly, simple, and secure web traffic exchange service with rich features.

set a random visitor duration

Visitor duration

Allow visitors to stay as long or as little as they want to appear more random and natural.

getthit.com traffic exchange software

Exchange software

Our software generates genuine, real, organic traffic for your pages and with Ad-Safe technology.

Experts supports available

24/7 expert support

Our help desk team members are available 24/7 through email to resolve any issues that may arise.

What is the GettHIT.com?

GettHIT.com is a next-generation, best-in-class, completely free autosurf user visitor platform for websites.

Existing user?


“Visit for Visit in brief”, For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link. There is no limit to the amount of free visits you can receive every day, whether it is 10, 100, or 1000.

For convenience, we have a large volume of sites on our exchange database. They are viewed in an automated way by other users.

Your campaigns are on auto-pilot, so you can focus on your website/business while we provide hits and increase web traffic.

If you ever need to make changes, our website lets you easily edit and keep track of all your links and domains.

Is Real Human Visitors

Real Human Visitors

It is automated traffic via users like you. You would need to provide views to other users' websites through our exchange software

Google Analytics Results

Google Analytics Results

We guarantee that all your traffic will be visible in Google Analytics to ensure that we are providing accurate page views

Google AdSense Safe

Google AdSense Safe

Our traffic exchange software avoids advertising links smartly, making it absolutely safe for pay-per-click accounts.

our services for clients

Our Clients

The majority of our clients use our services to improve their website traffic metrics, such as bounce rate, session time, traffic volume, add more organic or social traffic.

Get your free traffic slots.

To increase web traffic for your site, just sign up for a free account. It's a quick and simple process. All we need from you is your username, a valid email address, and your password.

If you sign up today, you will get up to 1000 hits for free, so you can try out our autosurf traffic exchange and start getting real and premium website traffic immediately.

Once you have completed the signup process and email verification, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can explore more awesome features!

We offer premium website traffic services that are available to all customers for completely free.

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We offer affiliate marketing

What people say about us

Join the Getthit community, where a large number of business services are increasing their domain's web traffic.

Picture 1: App Testimonials

Ava Blake


“If you're looking for a reliable and efficient service site, then you might want to check out Getthit Services. This platform offers a wide range of services”

Image 2: Product Reviews


Head Of Admin

“Every day, we strive to improve and deliver you the most fascinating features in order to become the top traffic exchangers. That is our highest priority.”

Image 3: Product Reviews

Anonymous User


“I love this platform because all the premium features are truly free and there are no hidden costs or earning limitations when compared to other traffic exchanges. Everyone should give it a try, support and this top auto traffic exchange sites list”

Image 4: Jeric Concepcion Reviews

Jeric Concepcion

Noble User

“Getthit is awesome so far, with the fact that I can combine it with other exchange services with no complications. I noticed 20-30+ seconds is a long impression for a page view, googles AI will not see it as a bot then😆. You should have a donate option for support.”


The Latest Blog Posts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions are answered below. If you cannot find the answer, then feel free to contact us.

When will I start receiving hits for my pages?

Once you submit a link on our exchange platform, within a few minutes, our system starts driving traffic to your sites through our traffic exchange script.

Are all the visits going to show up on Google Analytics?

Yes, traffic to your website is seen on Google Analytics. If you want to see the true number of visit for your page, then have a look at “websites” page here.

Are the ads on websites safe in this exchange program?

In the case of ads, our software won't load the ad content when we drive traffic to your website using our traffic exchange script.  As a result, there will be no impressions on Google AdSense or other advertising platforms.

Shall I share my 3rd party blog post here?

Yes! There is no restriction on submitting blogs, guest posts, and articles from 3rd parties.

Shall I submit social media links to boost traffic?

Yes, you can post links from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking website links. We will take care to drive traffic to your site.

Do you surf through YouTube video links?

The use of YouTube traffic exchange is not fully supported. YouTube's algorithms change frequently, and results may vary with our metrics. We cannot promise exact results.

Shall I submit adult or porn websites here?

No, we currently don't allow adult or pornographic websites or blog posts to run on our network. Anyone found to be using adult websites will be immediately banned and removed.

Shall I use your product for content marketing purposes?

Absolutely! You can use our traffic booster for your content marketing and digital marketing purposes. We actually prefer this, since it promotes us too.

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