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The utility extracts domain names (site hosts) from a collection of URL URI String Text. Duplicate domain names will be removed.

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The text output shall be alphabetically arranged by their initial letter (A-Z).

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Our online utility remove all repeated or duplicate domains from your text for the output

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Output extracted domain list shall be converted into lowercase with our free online tool


It is a specialized tool for obtaining and extracting domains and subdomains from URI schemes such as //, http://, ftp:/, file:/, ssl:/, telnet:/, and others.

This powerful application can easily retrieve the domain or subdomain data from any URL, regardless of how disorganized it is.

Who is this application intended for?

This easy tool allows all Bloggers, Digital Marketers, and SEO specialists to free extract domain names from any form of URL.

For SEO (search engine optimization) professionals, Internet marketers, webmasters, online business owners, web development service providers, copyright and intellectual property right owners, data research analysts, legal advisors, and anyone else who dislikes wasting time figuring out MS Spreadsheets and related software.

Why do those people utilize this service?

A domain name extract can be used in a variety of ways. You can mitigate the impact of a bad SEO assault. You may report websites that include undesirable domains by uploading files to Google and Bing.

Why should people use our tool?

There are several URL to domain solutions available that are quite simple and provide simple and easy-to-use services to all interested experts.

What TLD and gTLD names does the tool support?

We make use of all ICANN domains as well as the vast majority of private domains. The name database is continuously updated to ensure that all TLD/gTLD names are legitimate and correctly executed by the script.

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