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With our Disposable or Temporary Gmail Address Detection Service, you can stop wasting server resources, minimize unnecessary sign-ups, decrease spam and fraud, increase email marketing, and much more.

Reduced bounce rates

Avoid unwanted account signup

Keep your email list free of temporary gmail ids that will never be useful to your company and will just clog your server's resources.

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Protecting From Spam and Fraud

People will sometimes utilize DEAs in order to disguise their fraudulent actions. Using temporary email addresses can help keep visitors away from spam, fraud, and threats.

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Enhance Your Email Marketing

Adding hundreds of fake email addresses to your list might degrade the quality of your email list, making it hard to follow up with or contact some of your subscribers.

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Prevent Abuse of Free Trials

Many visitors and potential customers may utilize temporary email addresses during account registration to gain limitless free trials without having to buy your items or services.

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Achieve Higher Email Engagement

Encouraging your visitors to enter a valid email address assures that they will get future emails from you, which can maximize your email interaction.

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Save On Your Resources

Processing a signup for a throwaway email might consume extra server resources, such as sending unwanted verification emails and keeping temporary user data in your database.

Free API for Detecting Disposable Gmail Addresses

To access this API, sign up for a free account and acquire your API key from the "My Settings" page.

GET https://toolsapi.getthit.com/IsTemporaryGmail?userAPIKey={{YourAPIKey}}&emailAddress=akimcfeetmpi5%40gmail.com

To handle special characters, your request should be URL encoded. The response will be JSON with a single string property {"EmailStatus":"Temp"}

GET https://toolsapi.getthit.com/IsTemporaryGmail?userAPIKey={{YourAPIKey}}&emailAddress=ufbvkvtmpi5@gmail.com

The response will be JSON with a single string property {"EmailStatus":"Temp"}

GET https://toolsapi.getthit.com/IsTemporaryGmail?userAPIKey={{YourAPIKey}}&emailAddress=panela.nc.e3@gmail.com

The response will be JSON with a single string property {"EmailStatus":"MayBeTemp"}

GET https://toolsapi.getthit.com/IsTemporaryGmail?userAPIKey={{YourAPIKey}}&emailAddress=panela5@googlemail.com

The response will be JSON with a single string property {"EmailStatus":"Good"}

A Disposable Email Address: What Is It?

A temporary, throw-away email address that expires quickly is known as a disposable email address (DEA).

They are only ever used for very brief periods of time and enable users to get around some online limitations where an email address verification or subscription is necessary.

What is a Disposable Gmail Address?

The majority of large organizations and websites, forbid using a temp gmail generator services during website registration since it will be flagged as spam, and you won't be able to complete the process.

Some of the more well-known DEA service providers, such emailnator.com, smailpro.com, and tempmail.dev, use actual and legitimate Gmail addresses, ensuring that customers never face restrictions and may use them on any website.

Even free trials and other such "one-time" deals may be taken advantage of by users using disposable emails or Gmail address.

Users may even click the link on your verification email to verify that the address is authentic because it is a real Gmail mailbox and DEAs deliver incoming mails. The email address then self-destructs after a short period of time.

What other names are there for temporary email addresses?

These are a few of the names that disposable gmail addresses (DEAs) are known by:

Throwaway gmail address

One-off gmail address

Single-use gmail address

Burner gmail address

Temporary gmail addresses

Use-and-throw gmail address

Fake gmail addresses

Trash gmail addresses

Disposable gmail service

Why should people avoid from using temporary email addresses?

Disposable email addresses are fraudulent or useless emails that have no influence. There won't be any reaction or engagement because there isn't a user on the other end. Additionally, there won't be any business.

Carrying such addresses on your mailing lists is a waste of money in terms of the expenses associated with maintaining and delivering emails because such emails are quickly rendered worthless.

The engagement rate is lowered, the domain reputation is destroyed, and the sender's reputation is diminished when temporary email addresses are used.

What is the basic difference between Temporary Email & Temporary Gmail?

Temporary Gmail, sometimes known as "Temp Gmail," is entirely distinct from Disposable Email.

The primary distinction between the two is that temporary Gmail utilizes the Google service Gmail.com, whereas temporary email uses other ordinary or cheaper domains (lyricspad.net, tmail6.com, cebaike.com).

How does getthit.com detect temp mail gmail DEAs?

Our next-generation AI algorithms examine trends in temporary Gmail accounts to improve the accuracy of our bogus email detection, through abuse report, fake gmail database, exposed gmail accounts & patterns.

However, new services appear on a regular basis. As a result, we keep track of new services and add their Gmail addresses to our database.

It is merely an approximation. Although we make every effort to ensure that our tools are accurate, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.

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