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In the world of Internet marketing, an autosurf is a traffic exchange which automatically spins up advertising websites within the same web browser.

Traffic exchange sites that use autosurfs are websites that provide members the ability to browse for free and gain credits which they can trade with advertisers for money or prizes.

Most autosurf website traffic exchanges are targeted toward free members, as the surfs by the free members are what drives the flow of traffic and page views.

Instead of having members click manually, an Autosurf, or automated traffic exchange or Autowebsurf, has a system for automated browsing and rotating members submitted or advertised sites.

Autosurf organic website traffic generator sites are simple to use: simply register for free, put a username into that sites script, then click on any link within the script to begin surfing.

Once you add websites to surf for and you have earned points using an autosurf platform, you can remain in that site 24/7 and begin earning credits using the auto-surf (either an software or app or browser extension) that the service provides and start receiving the targeted google website traffic.

If you are serious about this, then you are going to need to do something to increase the traffic on your website for free. Getthit is the autosurf platform which provide you with a free unique hits on your website. 

Getthit.com will also ensure unlimited web traffic to your site from surfing on others sites. This exchange allows you to get traffic from actual visitors and users.

There are fewer types of traffic exchanges, some are smaller, working sites, which operate on a "one-for-one" basis, such as, you have to visit one site, and in return, get an impression.

Getthit.com autosurfing free traffic generator, which involves no money exchange, may also be a Ponzi, as the amount of credits earned exceeds the available number of page views; older members are promised a set number of hits to websites, which may be met only if new members join.

While an autosurf is running, some websites might appear to be auto-loading pop-ups and other things which could potentially lock your computer, and also disrupt your flow of autosurfs (these websites are usually banned by traffic-exchange services once discovered).

Autosurfs are able to send large amounts of traffic to an advertised site.

To begin traffic generation using Getthit, you need to download our Traffic Exchange Software and navigate the websites listed on the application.

Well, you actually do get one visitor, but one of the community members concluded that 99% of the people who are automated surfers are not even on their computers while surfing; actually, most of them are simply setting up the automated surfer and going to sleep, so what you are really getting is high-quality traffic with automated visits.

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