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Google Ads is one of the brand name for Google's PPC or pay-per-click program, which allows corporations, companies, organizations and businesses to obtain visibility across all of Google's domains.

Here is a list of reasons why you should advertise on Google.

Exceptional Reach

Google Ads have a vast reach.

It implies that your adverts will be seen throughout a large network.

The Google network includes all Google searches, Google applications, and tremendously popular websites.


Google Ads may be targeted to a specific audience.

You may filter them by nation, province, city, or region. It is the reason why your advertisements are so effective.

Very High ROI (Return on Investment)

You are NOT paying Google to have your ad displayed.

Google is compensated anytime an ad is clicked or a sale is made. As a result, the investment becomes minimal while the return becomes maximal.

So, in order to optimize your profit, Google offers you with the chance to drive visitors to your business (physical or online).

Google Ads Statistics 

Google allows you to drive traffic to your business (physical or online) in order to optimize your earnings.

Google processes more than 6 billion searches each day, or 2 trillion searches per year. Marketers worldwide spent $150 billion on Google AdWords in the previous year.

You get a sense of how powerful Google is.

Google Ads Pricing

Google Ads costs vary depending on a variety of criteria and factors.

Including the competition of the keywords and industry, your geographic region, the quality of your advertising campaigns, and more.

Who should advertise on Google?

Google advertising are a fantastic method to get qualified visitors to your website.

Google has a large audience, all small businesses, whether physical or online, such as those selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, or through websites, can use Google's online advertising platform as a marketing tool to increase sales, increase customer numbers, and maximize profit, which will be beneficial for small businesses because Google Ads is one of the most beneficial marketing methods among all.

Google Ads is a platform for advertising your product or service on Google-affiliated platforms such as YouTube, Google websites, the Google search engine, or apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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