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A traffic exchange is a sort of online service designed to assist website owners in advertising any internet pages or sites under their control. Using the time-honored principle of barter,  a traffic exchange allows site members to provide links to the sites of other site participants in return for those other site participants doing the same.

As a result, any site participating in the traffic exchange is more likely for us to reach a larger number of interested web surfers, boosting the likelihood of earning sales and expanding business volume.

While smaller sites normally work on a one-for-one basis — you visit one website and receive a visit in return — larger companies, especially if your site is new, may impose a site viewing ratio.

The main premise is that you will watch other members' websites or adverts in return for other members viewing yours. Today, there are two fundamental forms of traffic exchanges:

Manual Surf Exchange

You manually click through the other member's websites or adverts in this form of exchange. To ensure that the system is not cheated, an anti-cheat mechanism of some kind is usually implemented. I can promise you that any exchange without an anti-cheat mechanism is being defrauded by a number of people.

Autosurf Exchange

This technique is simpler to use, but far less successful. In essence, it runs automatically and without your intervention, changing websites or advertisements every few seconds. Obviously, if you don't have to look at it to make it function, chances are, no one is seeing your adverts.

Using traffic exchanges, you may receive visits to your website and signups for program. However, in order to accomplish so, you must think like a surfer. You must also participate in the trade. Obviously, the more people who surf, the better the exchange.

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