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Website structure is the way in which the different parts of a website are linked together.

Internal link structure is the way links are between different sections of the same website.

Crawlers are computer programs that search through websites to find specific information. Practicing good website structure can help you make your website easier to navigate for both human and computer visitors. 

A website's structure should be simple and easy to understand.

Website structure can be broken down into three main categories: relevant link, blog post, and page.

Understanding these different elements will help you create an intuitive website layout.

Relevant link : A relevant link is a link that leads to a page that is relevant to the content on the current page. This can be achieved by including keywords in the URL or by using a keyword phrase in the text of the page.

Blog post : A blog post is a short article that is generally associated with a specific topic. It is usually written in a journalistic style and is designed to entertain as well as inform.

Main page : A main pages should be the most visible and important sections of the website. The sections should be organized into logical groups, and the maintain section should list the rules that need to be followed when making changes to the website.

A website's structure should be pyramid-like.

The most important pages should be at the top, and the less important pages should be at the bottom. This is a basic guide, and there are many possible variations.

The friendly URL structure will explain how to make the URLs easy to understand. The simple webpage will explain how to make the pages simple and easy to navigate.

The next logical step will explain how to make the next logical step in the website's structure.

The whole website will explain how to make the website as a whole. The best possible user will explain how to make the website easy for the user.

Benefit of a website's structure:

  • The main benefit of a website's structure is that it can help you improve your SEO. A website's structure is important because it affects how search engines display your content. A good website structure will make your content easy to find and understand.
  • Google is a major search engine, and it uses website structure to determine which websites to show in the search results. A good website structure will make your website easy to find and understand. 
  • The essence of a website is the main purpose or goal of the website. A good website structure will help you achieve your essence. 
  • A website's map is how search engines determine where your website is on the internet. A good website structure will help you organize your website in a way that makes it easy to find. 
  • An algorithm is a set of rules that a search engine uses to display the results of a search.

Make sure all the links on your website are relevant to the topic of your website.

This will help your users find the information they're looking for fancy anchor texts: use good, relevant anchor texts for your links.

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