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Benchmarking is an essential tool for developing your strategy plan and tracking the growth of your organization.

Measuring your website to a benchmarking website will help you understand how your site rates to other comparable sized websites within the same sector.

How many standards you establish and what those benchmarks evaluate will be determined by your individual business and requirements.

Website benchmarking enables you to evaluate important data - such as organic traffic, conversions, keyword rankings, and so on - with industry leaders in order to keep moving forward achieving your SEO objectives.

Website benchmarking against online rivals enables you to assess your website's degree of accessibility compliance, allowing you to verify that it optimizes user experience and offers an accessible experience in comparison to the average industry.

Some few critical elements that must be evaluated include:

  • Total page size (breakdown of each component, such as html, images, fonts, JavaScript and style sheets)
  • Website response time, Request total, fully loaded time, average page load time, and document completion time
  • From whence do visitors come?
  • Users' average time on site
  • Examine comparable web pages
  • Run your website through its paces from various locations and devices.
  • Compare your website to competition rather than averages.
  • Recognize what your website "does" when you are not looking.

A comprehensive benchmark study provides you with all of the information you need to enhance your site by determining the exact location of the issue regions.

It is vital to identify key success factors in order to build your firm.

Website metrics give tools for mapping and measuring your road to success, allowing you to replicate what works and change what doesn't.

In conclusion, website benchmarking is an excellent technique to assess where you are on the performance spectrum in comparison to other leading organizations or competitors.

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